Woman ‘ashamed and embarrassed’ after being kicked out of bar for wearing shorts that were ‘too short’


After Yvette Comeaux was kicked out of a Louisiana bar because her shorts were “too short,” she shared the experience and a picture of her supposedly offensive outfit with her friends on Facebook. Soon, however, her post began drawing attention from people outside her friend group — and the drama only escalated as the bar’s marketing manager discovered the post and began arguing with Comeaux and her friends in the comments.

“News flash!! I’m not allowed in cause they said my shorts are too short! Wtf??” wrote Comeaux in her original post, alongside a picture of herself in a floral halter top and white hemmed shorts.

Speaking to Yahoo Style after the imbroglio ran its course, Comeaux said that she had been trying to enter a bar and live music venue called Whisky River in Henderson, Louisiana, when she was told by a woman at the door and a security guard that her shorts violated their new dress code.

“I left there ashamed and embarrassed because I was critiqued,” Comeaux said, adding that she only shared the experience to Facebook because she needed to vent.

Shocked by the apparent overreaction to Comeaux’s innocuous outfit, friends posted messages of support.

“Were you at church?” asked one friend in disbelief.

“I wear these shorts to church,” Comeaux replied. “No one has a problem ever.”

Whisky River marketing manager, River Henderson, then chimed in, commenting on the private post by using the bar owner’s Facebook account. As Comeaux’s friends grew increasingly angry at Henderson’s seemingly aggressive and unapologetic attitude, as well as Henderson’s inability to give a clear explanation as to why Comeaux was not allowed into the bar, the representative eventually shared a photo of the bar’s dress code that stated people would be banned if they could “see your butt cheeks hanging out of your pants.”

Comeaux’s friends and family did not take the implication that her ass had been “hanging out” on display kindly.

“Must be that the old bar fly that owns it is jealous because she can’t pull of [sic] shorts!!!” wrote Bridget Comeaux Bowers.

“I would love to meet with you and discuss this problem you have with MY MOTHER,” responded Henderson.

Adding to the absurdity, it was eventually revealed that the reason the bar adopted its new dress code was because of one man who had begun going to bars in extremely short cutoff jeans, a tiny shirt, and a cowboy hat, all while claiming people couldn’t throw him out for dress code violations because women were similarly dressed.

People, can’t we all just relax about what everybody chooses to wear?

Read the full story at Yahoo Style.


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