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French President Emmanuel Macron (R) greets U.S First Lady Melania Trump while his wife Brigitte Macron (L) welcomes U.S. President Donald Trump REUTERS/Michel Euler/Pool - RTX3BAQG

Très déclassé

Trump’s visit to Paris begins with another awkward handshake, questionable compliments to French first lady

July 13, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed U.S. President Donald Trump to Paris on Thursday in a reception that can only be described as a bit uncomfortable for all parties involved, the latest episode in Donald Trump’s adventures in awkward handshaking. On a French Official Facebook Live stream, Trump was seen clinging to French first lady Brigitte Macron’s hands for an awkward length of time, pulling her toward him while she appears to be trying to let go. The awkwardness rivaled that of Trump and Emmanuel Macron’s first handshake back in late May that seemed to go on forever and made both men’s knuckles go white. Trump, clutching the first lady, then unleashed the comment, “You know, you’re in such good shape.”

While remarking on a woman’s physical appearance in front of her husband who happens to hold the highest political office in France is cringe worthy enough, Trump then repeated his statement again before turning back to Macron to tell her she is “beautiful,” according to reporters who were on the scene.  While first lady Melania Trump’s reaction was not captured, because her back faced the camera, at one point she can be seen holding Mme. Macron’s arm in a protect embrace as her husband continued to talk.

Having met three times previously in Brussels, Sicily and Hamburg during official summits, the couples seemed to brush off any initial unease and continued with their carefully planned agenda. The U.S. president and first lady will stay through the evening to attend the Bastille Day parade on Friday before heading on to Nice.

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