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Skeptical history blogger may have just debunked the ‘Amelia Earhart’ photo everyone’s been talking about

A photograph believed to depict Amelia Earhart in the Marshall Islands, was actually taken in 1935, a Japanese history blogger says. (The National Archives).

And he says he did it in 30 minutes. Last week, the producers behind a History Channel documentary created a worldwide commotion when they came forward with what was billed as a newly-discovered and never-before-seen photo that might show Amelia Earhart, and perhaps prove that she survived that fateful 1937 flight. But Kota Yamano, a Japanese history blogger, has thrown a sobering bucket of cold water on the claim. He told The Guardian it took him about 30 minutes of research to get to the bottom of the true provenance of the photo at the center of the documentary’s hypothesis. Yamano discovered the photo that purported to show the pioneering aviator in the archives of Japan’s national library and revealed his findings in a post on his personal blog.

Turns out, the photograph had been published in a travel book in 1935 — two years before Earhart set out on her epic journey. “I have never believed the theory that Earhart was captured by the Japanese military, so I decided to find out for myself,” a skeptical Yamano told The Guardian. “I was sure that the same photo must be on record in Japan.” Sure enough, it was — and now the History Channel has reportedly deployed a team of investigators to look into. The Earhart mystery, which constantly tantalizes the imaginations of many, once again seems poised to remain unsolved. Meanwhile Yamano suggests the hype surrounding the photo never should’ve been stirred up by the documentary producers and he marvels at “the first thing they should have done” but didn’t.

Read the full story at Newser.


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