What are the odds?

Teen scores two winning lottery tickets — in 1 week

Rosa Dominguez (California Lottery).

What are the chances of winning the lottery? Pretty good, if you’re Rosa Dominguez, a 19-year-old from California. According to CNN, the teen recently won more than half a million dollars thanks to a lucky lottery ticket — and went on to score another winning ticket within the same week.

Dominguez was traveling to Arizona when she purchased a few $5 scratch card at a gas station. After scraping away at one ticket, Dominguez realized that it was worth $555,555. A few days later, she decided to try her luck again and purchased yet another scratch-off card at yet another gas station. This time around, the ticket was worth $100,000 dollars — the top prize.

Dominguez already has plans for her windfall. She told the California Lottery that she wants to go shopping and buy a new car.

Read the full story at CNN.


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