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Serena Williams helps raise awareness about financial abuse by domestic partners

Serena Williams (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

Serena Williams, the superstar tennis champion who holds the most Grand Slam titles in the sport’s history and recently won the Australian open while being approximately eight-weeks pregnant, is taking a brief hiatus from the sport as she goes through the remainder of her pregnancy. Still, the all-time tennis great and soon-to-be first-time mother is staying busy — most recently, by partnering with the Allstate Foundation for its Purple Purse campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about an all-too-common form of domestic violence known as financial abuse.

In nearly 99 percent of all domestic violence cases, women are subjected to financial abuse in which their access to money is restricted by their partners — in many cases, abusive partners will even target women at their work in an attempt to get them fired, according to the Allstate Foundation.

“Financial abuse is the No. 1 reason domestic violence victims can’t ‘just leave,’” said Williams in the foundation’s press statement. “Standing up for women’s rights has long been a passion of mine. I am honored to join Allstate Foundation Purple Purse to bring financial abuse and domestic violence out of the shadows and into the public conversation.”

In a new short film titled “Lost Purse” that was shared by Williams on Twitter, the foundation left a woman’s purse and phone — full to the brim with abusive messages from her ‘partner’ — in a Lyft vehicle to see how unsuspecting passengers would react. When the passengers meet a clearly distraught woman to whom the purse belongs, they must make a choice — to try to help her, or to go on their way.

Watch the video below.

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