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Mom says smartphone app helped her save her newborn daughter’s life

(ABC News)

Emily Eekhoff says the Count The Kicks, a smartphone app, was instrumental in saving her baby’s life and is now hoping to share her experience with other expecting mothers. The app was started by five Iowa mothers as a stillbirth prevention effort in 2009, after each of them had lost a child to stillbirth or infant death. It helps pregnant women track their baby’s movement patterns during the third trimester, which is why Eekhoff could tell something was wrong when she was 33 weeks along. “I was aware just of how much she usually moved during the day with the app’s help,” she told Good Morning America. “The kicks were not happening as frequently as they usually did and when she did move, it was really, like, soft, subtle, not, like, hard kicks like normal.”

At the hospital, an ultrasound revealed that the baby was in trouble, so doctors decided to perform an emergency C-section. During the procedure, they discovered that the baby had its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck three times. “It’s very possible that this baby was not going to make it much longer,” said Neil Mandsager, medical director of the Perinatal Center of Iowa at Mercy. The little baby girl, Ruby, was born at 33 weeks and five days and stayed in the NICU for 10 days. Eekhoff says she hopes other women can gain something from her experience. “They need to just be aware of their body and their baby and notice and so that when things change that they can go and get help sooner rather than later,” she said.

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