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1st story in revamped ‘Wonder Woman’ comic will feature … Wonder Woman’s brother?

Wonder Woman (Picture: Warner Bros.)

The movie has broken box office records. Hundreds of thousands of women and girls across the country and the globe are ready to spring into action, taking to Instagram to post pictures of themselves dressed to the nines in superhero regalia — sword, shield and lasso of truth in hand. They feel empowered, the feel excited, they feel that DC has done something right and finally given them the feminist hero they wanted and so desperately deserved. But in September, it’s back to the drawing board.

On Monday, Nerdist reported that Greg Rucka — the novelist behind the revamped Wonder Woman storyline that translated so successfully to the big screen — will be stepping down and author James Robinson stepping up. His plan for the first new Wonder Woman story arc? A series all about Jason: Wonder Woman’s brother …like what?

The series, which is set to be titled “Children of the Gods,” will feature art by Carlo Pagulayan and Emanuela Lupacchino and will roll for six-months. The storyline will explore the mythos behind Wonder Woman’s long lost brother, the only man to have ever been born on Themyscira — Wonder Woman’s home island — and the psychological fallout that plagues him throughout his life. If you think it sounds strange that a man would be upset at being raised as the only man on an island of all women, you’re not alone.

“The idea of Wonder Woman having a long lost male sibling feels like yet another example of DC trying to force more men into Diana’s family and origin story,” pointed out Nerdist’s Eric Diaz. While there is some historical and mythological precedent for male Amazons, the point is it’s simply not necessary to deviate the focus of the Wonder Woman comics from Wonder Woman. Vivian Kane of The Mary Sue summed it up best in her sarcastic commentary on the announcement: “Because the audiences so enamored by Wonder Woman — the ones talking and tweeting about the character nonstop, buying up merch, and seeing the new movie in record-breaking numbers — they’ve all been saying the same thing, right? We can all agree on the one thing missing from her story: a central male superhero figure.” Amazonian women need a man like they need a hole in the head.

As of Monday, Wonder Woman had surpassed gross sales for all DCEU movies in the United States. But let’s give some credit to the gentlemen. Obviously, a female-centric superhero movie has not deterred male cinemagoers, nor, we suspect, comic book enthusiasts. At this point, it would be hard to steal Wonder Woman’s thunder. Maybe we should leave saving the world to women.

Read the full story at Book Riot.


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