L.A. based Uber driver arrested for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a female passenger

Uber car (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Alaric Spence, a 46-year-old Uber driver working in Los Angeles, has been arrested on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping. Police report that on Monday, Spence picked up a 24-year-old female passenger who had been drinking in downtown Los Angeles. When the woman passed out in the back of his car, police said, Spence drove to a motel on Lankershim Boulevard and sexually assaulted her.

“There is a video showing him carrying her into the hotel,” said LAPD Robbery Homicide Capt. William Hayes. Spence, who had a prior felony record for the possession and sale of narcotics, has worked for Uber the past six months. His arrest is the newest in a string of sexual assault allegations made against Uber drivers in the state.

In January, the growing number of charges prompted California state legislators to enact a law forbidding companies — including Uber and other ride services — from hiring drivers who are registered sex offenders, have been convicted of any violent crimes or who have had a DUI within the past seven years. Because Spence’s convictions had occurred in the late 1990s, he was eligible for employment.

Read the full story at The Los Angeles Times.  


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