‘This is my job'

WATCH: Go to work with Suzanne Wertman, a nurse-midwife for Planned Parenthood


“Human beings as sexual beings? Everyone thinks that’s interesting, right? And I get to talk about it all day with people. I kind of feel like a guardian — that’s what a midwife is.” Those are the works of Suzanne Wertman, a nurse-midwife who works at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wilmington, South Carolina. Wertman is profiled in a new video by Stat News, a health website. The piece urges viewers to forget politicians and the D.C. hand-wringing over whether Congress will defund Planned Parenthood, and simply take an up-close and personal look at what a day in the life of one Planned Parenthood clinic is really like.

Wertman may be interested in human beings as sexual beings, but what she never verbalizes is that she has mastered the art of the human touch. In the four minutes and 16 seconds you’ll spend with her in the above video, her warm and caring nature will become abundantly clear. Everything about her — from the “Listen to women” pin she wears on her white lab coat to the fact that she grew up down the street from a maternity clinic — suggests she’s doing precisely the job she should be doing in life.

“This is my job,” she says in the video. “I take care of women … and sometimes it’s putting an implant in, and sometimes it’s holding somebody’s hand after they’ve just found out they have herpes … and sometimes it’s abortion care. This is it. This is what I do.”

Read the full story at STAT.


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