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Did Queen Elizabeth II send a subtle message with her hat during official address?

Queen Elizabeth II delivers the Queen's Speech during the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster on June 21, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II delivered a speech outlining the U.K. government’s agenda on Wednesday. One of the key topics of the scaled-down speech, which is usually punctuated with far more pomp and circumstance than the 2017 edition was, involved outlining Britain’s path forward in its Brexit from the E.U. — thereby following the course charted by Prime Minister Theresa May. But many watching the speech decoded a hat the queen wore for the occasion and suggested that it showed her true feelings on Brexit. Though the words coming out of the queen’s mouth were in favor of breaking away from the E.U., observers think that the blue floral hat resting on her head was meant to resemble the look of the E.U. flag, a subtle show of demonstration against Brexit.

Some Twitter users took the headwear to mean that the queen is inspired by the idea of the E.U. coalition, while one Twitter user praised the queen for being ‘woke’ for trolling Brexit supporters. Almost a year after the U.K. voted to break away from the E.U., Brexit remains one of the most polarizing issues in Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II also touched on a number of other topics in her speech. Working on legislation to close the gender pay gap and protecting victims of domestic violence were two of the chief priorities on the government’s agenda, she said. And regarding the hat, Buckingham Palace had no comment on whether it held any special meaning, CNN reported. Watch the full speech below.

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