Israeli nurse breastfed the baby of a critically-injured Palestinian woman

Israeli nurse Ola Ostrowski-Zak breastfeeding a 9-month-old Palestinian boy whose mother was injured. (Hadassah Hospital)

Earlier this month, a Palestinian family was involved in a deadly car crash in Hebron. The father was killed, and the mother was critically injured. The couple’s 9-month-old son Yamen emerged with only minor injuries, but because his mother was incapacitated, he had no one to nurse him, as NBC’s Today show reports.

While in a Jerusalem hospital, Yamen’s aunts watched helplessly as the baby cried for hours, refusing to take a bottle. Then an Israeli nursed named Ola Ostrowski-Zak stepped in. Ostrowski-Zak is the mother of an 18-month-old boy, and when she saw Yamen crying, she began to breastfeed him.

Once the child was fed and soothed, Yamen’s aunts reportedly hugged the nurse and said they didn’t think any other Jewish woman would have offered to feed a Palestinian baby. “I was emotional about this sad assumption,” Ostrowski-Zak told the Today show. “I know any Jewish mother would have done the same.”

There is truth to her words. Ostrowski-Zak posted on an Israeli Facebook page, asking for volunteers to feed little Yamen. She received more than one thousand responses, with women offering to drive as far as 70 miles to help the baby.

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