Amber Rose and Piers Morgan duke it out on Twitter over nude photos and feminism

Amber Rose (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation)

On Saturday, model Amber Rose posted a semi-nude photo of herself on Instagram to promote her third annual SlutWalk, a charity walk-a-thon created to help promote sexual awareness and body-shaming. While the photo quickly disappeared from her account — most likely because the site’s community guidelines disallow nude photos — it was online just long enough to ignite a Twitter battle between Rose and British TV personality Piers Morgan, who seemed all too eager to share his opinion on Rose’s body and mansplain how he defines feminism. (The photo still lives on Twitter for those readers who need to see what started the whole kerfuffle.)

Morgan was up first tweeting, “Put it away, luv. Thanks,” as a response to the photo and Rose did not hold back with her retort.

From there they were off, Rose repeatedly shutting Morgan down as he attempted to denigrate her idea of feminism and imply that instead of raising awareness for her nonprofit, her photo choice was really nothing more than a desperate cry for attention.

“If famous men started posting naked photos to social media claiming it was to ‘promote male empowerment’, they’d be jailed,” Morgan tweeted, sharing a shirtless ad he had done for Burger King labeling it, “in the name of male empowerment” to make his somewhat warped point.

“So you got naked for a Burger King check and ur giving me a hard time?” Rose clapped back. While the argument eventually stalled, Rose repeatedly asked Morgan to invite her to appear on his show so that they could hash things out in real time claiming there was ‘no love lost’ and he was entitled to his own opinions; whether or not she believes those opinions to be correct is another matter entirely.

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