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Cover of the June 7 edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine (Twitter).

Shock value

Irreverent magazine sparks outrage with cover depicting beheaded Theresa May

June 8, 2017

French satire magazine Charlie Hedbo is drawing widespread condemnation over the cover of its latest issue, which features a drawing of a decapitated Theresa May. The grotesque illustration, released on Thursday, shows the British prime minister holding her own severed head and a speech bubble that reads, “Too much is too much,” an apparent reference to May’s remarks following the latest deadly terror attack in London in which she declared “enough is enough.” The imagery appears under a headline that translates as “Multiculturalism the English Way.”

Another image shown inside the magazine skewered the scenes of chaos as frightened Brits fled during the attack last week, including a viral photo, which many drew inspiration from, that showed a man running from the scene holding his beer. Hebdo, a magazine that has gleefully pushed boundaries throughout its history, was blasted on social media with some calling the stunt “sick” and vile.” Many in Britain were angered by the fact that the French magazine would dare to mock the U.K. in the wake of its suffering after the U.K. has always stood by France after it’s been rocked by terror attacks.

Others pointed out that the magazine hasn’t depicted an image of the prophet Mohammed in two years, since its offices were attacked by Islamist terrorists.

The cover comes about a week after another shocking image of a beheaded world leader caused a massive uproar. Kathy Griffin faced a widespread backlash and lost her prominent CNN New Year’s Eve hosting gig after releasing a photo showing her holding an effigy of the severed head of President Donald Trump.

In April, at the Women in the World Summit, former Charlie Hebdo journalist Zineb El Rhazoui appeared onstage for a panel about fighting extremism and she had some very strong words about the nature of Islam. Watch the full panel below.


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