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Leyla Hussein and Nimco Ali (right) (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)


British ‘Women’s Equality Party’ candidate Nimco Ali sent disturbing letter

By WITW Staff on June 7, 2017

Ahead of the general election in Britain on Thursday, the Women’s Equality Party has received a surge of of hate mail. One letter addressed to candidate Nimco Ali was particularly disturbing: The note that was delivered to the party’s headquarters was full of racial abuse and signed with the name ‘Jo Cox’ — the late Labour party MP who was killed by a white supremacist last summer. WEP co-founder Catherine Mayer told The Telegraph that the party’s staff has grown accustomed to being abused verbally online, over the phone and in-person, citing the example of a man reading out the party’s headquarter address, saying he was coming over and they should be scared. “And then on top of that, in the post there was the letter to Nimco. It’s appalling. It uses racial abuse, it is Islamophobic. It is hugely threatening. And it is signed Jo Cox. That is particularly upsetting for Nimco, who knew Jo.”

Ali, a very vocal campaigner against female genital mutilation, thanked people for their support on Twitter, saying, “It is scary being a woman at the best of times, some people just want to make that harder.” Police has collected the letter as evidence and given the party additional guidelines to secure their safety. “I think this election has been a particularly toxic, angry election, coming as it does at a time of deep anger and division. I think some of that is playing out. And some of these strands of toxic masculinity are particularly emboldened at the moment,” Mayer told The Telegraph. “This is what it’s like to be women in politics trying to create change. This is what keeps women out of politics, this is why it’s so brave and so important what they’re doing.”

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