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Raw deal

Video shows Chinese ‘sushi model’ confronting man who allegedly molested her with chopsticks

June 1, 2017

A model hired to have sushi served off her body at a restaurant in Tiayuan, China, has been filmed hitting a customer for allegedly molesting her with his chopsticks, according to the China Youth Daily. In video posted online on Friday, the semi-naked woman could be seen lying on a table wearing a top, shorts, and a lot of sushi, when suddenly she rises from the table and angrily confronts a customer.

According to the China Youth Daily report, the woman said that she at first thought the customer’s prodding of her body was unintentional. But as the alleged molestation continued, she said she finally had enough. She decided to leave the restaurant — but not before engaging in a tense argument with her alleged molester in which she accused him doing “unspeakable” things to her while reaching for food with his chopsticks.

“Nyotaimori,” the practice of displaying sushi on a nearly naked woman’s body, originated in Japan, a nation that has a culture rife with various forms of sexism.

Watch video of the incident below.

Read the full story at the South China Morning Post.


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