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‘A little scandal’

Female medical school grads told to wear dresses with a ‘low neckline’ to commencement

By WITW Staff on May 31, 2017

The Brussels Free University (ULB) has apologized for an email sent out by the school’s medical faculty recommending that “young women wear a dress or a skirt and a nice low neckline” to their graduation ceremony. The offensive email had gone viral after an outraged student posted an excerpt of it to the ULB Confessions page on Facebook with the caption: “A little scandal.”

More than 600 comments on the post expressed shock that the school would ask female graduates specifically to bare their skin, even as male students were instructed simply to dress formally.

“Is this a joke?” asked one commenter. “They are graduates of medicine and we’re asking them to show their chest?”

#10049 ""petit" scandale: consignes officielles pour la proclamation en faculté de médecine. #PartagezSVP #WTF #FéminismeQuandTuNeLesTiensPas"

Posted by ULB Confessions on Friday, May 26, 2017

After rumors of the email reached the French news press, the university finally saw fit to offer their “sincerest apologies” to offended students on Facebook and Twitter.

“It goes without saying that the instructions related to the clothing of young graduates are contrary to the values of the ULB and this faculty,” the apology read.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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