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Mob of men sexually assault 2 women, post video of the crime online

May 30, 2017

A disturbing video that surfaced online shows 14 men in the Uttar Pradesh state in northern India sexually assaulting and harassing two women, according to The Hindustan Times. The footage, which runs about three minutes in length, shows the mob of men approach the women, who were walking along a road. The men then begin harassing and groping the women in a sexual manner. At one point, one of the men physically picks up one of the women and carries her, until the other woman is able to interfere and physically cause him to release her. The women reportedly pleaded with the men to stop, according to a translation by The Hindustan Times. The attack occurred in broad daylight as at least two of the men involved in the attack recorded the incident on a cellphone.

Police said it’s unclear when the crime was committed, but the shocking footage has been circulating recently on social media. Authorities have reportedly made one arrest in the case and continue to search for the other perpetrators. Earlier this year, government officials in Uttar Pradesh began dispatching “anti-Romeo” squads specifically designed to patrol for and intervene in gender-based crimes. However, the program hit a snag in the way it was being deployed and was eventually renamed the Women’s Protection Force. Meanwhile, sex and violent crimes against women are rampant, and one local legislator, Azam Khan, sparked outrage when he said, “Everyone should try to keep women of the family indoors” as a way to protect them from sex crimes. Watch the video below for more on the story.

Read the full story at The Hindustan Times.


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