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The best medicine

Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan make the best of bad situation the only way they know how: With humor

May 26, 2017

It’s been more than a month since Jeannie Gaffigan underwent surgery to remove a “life-threatening” brain tumor, and, though the surgery was successful, the ordeal and recovery has been no picnic for her. But she and her husband, comedian Jim Gaffigan, are getting through it all without losing their sense of humor. In fact, they’re being pretty funny about what is a rather dire situation. In addition to being husband and wife, the two are comedy collaborators and the creative force behind TV Land’s The Jim Gaffigan Show. And now they’re collaborating on exploring the lighter side of Jeannie’s troubles.

This week, Jim shared a video on Twitter showing the torturous feeding tube Jeannie has had to use since her surgery about 40 days ago — and how they manage to make such an unpleasant experience funny.

“My @jeanniegaffigan hasn’t swallowed food or water in 38 days, but still has a sense of humor,” he wrote on Twitter. “Working on the name of feeding tube restaurant.”

In the video, Jim is seen filling a syringe with a liquid formula that’s fed to Jeannie through a feeding tube. “This is kind of like our own cooking show, really, Jeannie, when you think about it,” Jim says.

“What I do, and you can do this at home, is I take the container, I open it up, I dump it into a coffee cup, then I stuff it into her tube,” he continues. “That goes right into her — I think the delicate term is gut.” Before long the Gaffigans’ neighbor Bruce appears, and more (awkward) comedy ensues. Watch the video below.

Later on, Jeannie shared Jim’s video in a pair of tweets and picked up on the feeding tube restaurant theme.

The couple has five kids together, and, in an interview with PEOPLE, Jeannie opened up — in much more sober terms — about how she discovered the tumor and how surviving the ordeal has affected her outlook on life. Also, they really are such a cute couple.

Read the full story at PEOPLE.


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