Brutal rape and murder of woman, 23, shocks India

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A 23-year-old woman living in the Sonipat district of India has been brutally raped and murdered, and her mangled body left in a field. It’s one of two disturbing rape cases that has rocked the nation in recent days — the other being a case in which a 10-year-old girl was repeatedly raped and impregnated by her stepfather — and renewing attention over

According to the International Business Times, an autopsy report revealed that the woman in Sonipat had been penetrated with sharp objects, her skull had been smashed, and she had been run over by a car. The victim’s decomposing and mutilated body was found on May 11, two days after she went missing. By that time, dogs had scavenged her remains.

The Times of India reports that the victim belonged to the Dalit caste, a marginalized class in India. Two men — one of whom is also Dalit — have been arrested in connection with the crime. The woman’s family reportedly suspects that at least six more people may have been involved.

Family members have also said that they approached police last month to complain that the victim was being harassed by one of the men charged in the case, but no action was taken. Police officials claim that the issue was resolved. Per the Times of India, “Sonipat Superintendent of Police, Ashwin Shenvi said, ‘There was a verbal complaint given some time back by the woman to Sonipat police saying that the main accused was asking her to marry him. It was a verbal complaint, there was no written complaint to police station.

“However, later the complainant and her mother again came to the police station and said they had struck a compromise, and there no need for police action.”

Activists in India have drawn parallels between the unnamed woman’s murder and the “Nirbhaya” rape case that sparked mass protests in India. In 2012, a young woman name Jyoti Singh was tortured and raped on a moving bus. She died of injuries sustained during the assault. Singh was dubbed Nirbhaya, or “fearless,” by the masses who protested her murder. Earlier this month, India’s Supreme Court upheld the death sentences handed down to the four men convicted in the brutal rape and murder of Singh.


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