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Women are feeling the blues about Trump presidency, poll confirms

By WITW Staff on May 15, 2017

Did they really need to do a poll to tell us that? The above headline feels like one of those things you just know by virtue of the fact that you take part in daily life: Women in the U.S. have an overwhelmingly negative view of President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, researchers at Pew have now compiled some hard data on the topic, which shows just how widely Trump is viewed negatively among women, a number that has plummeted since before the election — and shows how much of a gender gap still exists when it comes to opinions of the president.

The latest Pew poll found that women — regardless of party affiliation — are generally feeling the blues about prospects for the country’s future under Trump’s leadership. According to the Pew poll, which was conducted in April, just 29 percent of total women surveyed feel “quite a lot” of confidence about where Trump is leading the nation. By contrast, 53 percent of men responded that they feel “quite a lot” of confidence in the future of America under Trump.

Interestingly, the results show that women who affiliate with either party are far less optimistic than than their male counterparts about the Trump presidency, as the graphic above depicts.The figure is particularly low among Democratic women, just 20 percent of whom are confident in Trump’s leadership.

What’s more troubling for Trump, who is famously obsessed with poll numbers, is women’s overall confidence in the direction that country is headed has sharply declined as he has risen. Back in October 2015, Pew posed the same question and 43 percent of women overall responded that they had “quite a lot” of confidence in the direction the country was headed. That amounts to a decline of 14 percentage points since that time, at which Trump was just beginning to show staying power in the polls in the lead-up to the 2016 primary season.

See the complete findings of the poll at the Pew Research Center.


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