‘Mr. Creepypants’

Trump’s personal attorney tweets photo of college-age daughter, inciting bevy of responses

Samantha Blake Cohen:(Michael Cohen - Twitter)

On Sunday evening, Michael Cohen, a longtime attorney for President Donald Trump, tweeted out a black-and-white photo of his daughter, Samantha Blake Cohen, wearing nothing but a bra and black hose. The tweet which read, “So proud of my Ivy League daughter … brains and beauty channeling her Edie Sedgwick,” went out to all 218,000 of his Twitter followers and included a link to his daughter’s Instagram account.

Within hours, more 1,200 people had responded to the post, many of whom were disturbed with many aspects of the post and seriously questioned Cohen’s parenting skills. The reaction on Twitter was one of overwhelming disapproval as most users were swift to point out that, in general, fathers don’t usually post pictures of their daughters that could be construed as sexually suggestive, especially not for public consumption on the internet.

Even more bizarrely, Cohen chose to respond to the comments of several users, inciting more backlash as his responses were deemed to be even more inappropriate than the original post. In response to one user who suggested that the photo was nothing short of pornography, Cohen’s only reply was “Jealous?”

In response to Cohen’s description of his daughter’s photo as re-interpretation of a classic Edie Sedgwick shot from the 1960’s, Twitter user Shannon Coulter posted the original photo of Sedgewick and was quick to point out how divergent the two photos were in terms of message.

While most responses were directed at Cohen, several users took the chance to make a broader statement about Trump, drawing parallels between the post and Trump’s widely criticized remarks about the physical attractiveness of his daughter Ivanka.

Cohen, who holds no official government office, was among those supporters of President Trump who defended him against the accusations that he had sexually assaulted several women, backing up Trump’s assertion that he did not find the women in question attractive enough to sexually harass.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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