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Alaska congressman repeatedly claims that women are ‘glad’ to get abortions

By WITW Staff on May 12, 2017

Alaska lawmaker David Eastman was officially censured by the state’s House of Representatives this week for comments he made suggesting that rural Alaskan women are “glad” to get abortions because it gives them a chance to visit a city.

Speaking to Alaska Public Media about a sexual assault and child abuse awareness bill that he had successfully amended so that it referred to abortion as “the ultimate form of child abuse,” Eastman claimed that women were abusing Medicaid-funded travel costs for medically necessary abortions.

“You have individuals who are in villages and are glad to be pregnant, so that they can have an abortion because there’s a free trip to Anchorage involved,” Eastman said. Eastman would later repeat similar comments to The Associated Press.

Despite immediate public outcry, Eastman was unapologetic and defended his comments on local television and radio interviews. It wasn’t until House voted to censure Eastman, the first time the governing body had ever handed down such a punishment in Alaska’s history, that Eastman finally issued a grudging apology.

“I hope that there will be no further times where something like this should happen,” said Eastman during a House floor session on Wednesday. “I do ask for forgiveness from any and every person who has been hurt by what I said.”

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