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Wonder Woman (Picture: Warner Bros.)

They think not

‘Wonder Woman’ film faces backlash over controversial marketing technique

May 11, 2017

Wonder Woman is still weeks away from hitting theaters, but the highly anticipated movie is already embroiled in a bitter backlash from fans over a marketing partnership it has struck. Warner Bros., the studio behind the forthcoming film partnered with ThinkThin, a protein-focused health food company that’s offering a number of Wonder Woman tie-ins when customers spend a certain amount of money on protein bars and smoothies.

The movie studio and food peddlers may have been looking for synergy, but instead they’ve gotten blowback from people who accuse ThinkThin of “body-shaming.” Twitter has exploded with objections from would-be moviegoers who say that a movie featuring a strong female character shouldn’t be promoted along with a company that urges women to be thin.

But some jumped to the defense of Warner Bros. and ThinkThin, pointing out that the company doesn’t promote unhealthy dieting — though it might seem that way given that the word ‘thin’ is part of its name.

Robyn Silverman, a body-image expert spoke to Yahoo, pointed out the unfortunate phenomenon. “When you look at Wonder Woman, girls and women should think ‘powerful.’ They should think ‘strong.’ They should think ‘superhero.’ Do you know what they shouldn’t be thinking? ‘Thin,’” she said, adding, “The name stinks!”

This is the second major controversy involving Wonder Woman in recent months. Earlier this year, Warner Bros. released a trailer for the film, which revealed that the big screen heroine has no armpit hair. A fierce debate ensued over whether feminism was swept aside in favor of achieving the ideal female aesthetic.

Read the full story at Yahoo.


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