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Harrowing videos provide a peek inside Iran morality police vehicles

By WITW Staff on May 11, 2017

Earlier this week, Masih Alinejad brought to light one woman’s disturbing run-in with Iranian morality police in Tehran. Footage she posted on her My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page showed a young Iranian woman who had been pulled over by by authorities and, apparently, stripped of her driving documentation. As she stood in front of the police vehicle and protested, the officer behind the wheel drove over the woman, and only stopped when she was almost entirely pinned beneath the automobile.

Alinejad told Women in the World that she has put out a call to men and women in Iran to send her more videos of their encounters with morality police that show women’s rights being violated. On Thursday, she posted two new clips sent to her by people inside Iran.

In the first video, shot on a mobile phone from inside the morality police vehicle, a young woman who had been on her way to work, and detained along with some friends, can be heard being harassed by an officer over the length of her coat, and why it’s unbuttoned, according to a subtitled translation on the video.

“My coat is not short,” the young woman pleads.

“Why is your coat unbuttoned,” the officer asks.

“I was on the subway and it was too hot. That is why I unbuttoned it.”

“Well, you are not allowed to keep it unbuttoned,” the officer declares. After some arguing and as the vehicle is driving away, another young woman speaks up and says to the officer, “Madam, I am wearing socks and my sleeves are not even rolled up. My hijab is on my head. I am not wearing tight-fitting [clothes]. Why have I been arrested?”

Then, according to the translation, the officer explains to the women, “They have installed secret cameras inside the subway to observe who is wearing the compulsory veil.” Then she informs the women that cellphones are strictly prohibited and threatens to confiscate them if they’re caught using one. The video ends with the women inside what looks like a police precinct where they must sign a contract in order to be released. Watch the video below.

Brave Iranian woman filming from inside a morality police van

ENGLISH FOLLOWS…LE FRANÇAIS SUIT…ویدیوی جدیدی به کمپین آزادی های یواشکی ارسال شد که نشان می دهد مامور داخل ون گشت ارشاد چه برخوردی با زنان انجام می دهد. زنی که این ویدیو را فرستاده نوشته: فیلم گرفتن آسان نبود چند بار از ما خواستند موبایل را تحویل بدیم و زنان را تهدید می کند که اگر کارت شناسایی و موبایل ها را تحویل ندهید باید در بازداشت بمانید تا با وثیقه آزاد شوید.Here is another video recently sent to #MyStealthyFreedom by a brave woman. The video depicts another harrowing ordeal of humiliation at the hands of the morality police. She was arrested by the morality police for her choice of dress. She took the enormous risk of filming her encounter with them while she was in their van being driven to their detention centre. She wrote to our campaign: "Filming was not easy for me because they asked us several times to give them our mobile phones. The officers were threatening all the women in the van that if they didn’t give their IDs or mobile phones to the officers, they would be detained until someone posted the bail on their behalf”. We call all women and men to film the morality police when they are in the process of detaining others.#NoMoreMoralityPolice#SeeYouInIranWithoutHijab##MyStealthyFreedomEn français / In French:—–#IRAN #LIBERTE #FURTIVE #FEMININE Voici une autre vidéo envoyée récemment à #MyStealthyFreedom par une femme courageuse. Cette vidéo présente une autre pénible épreuve d'humiliations entre les mains de la police des mœurs. Elle a été arrêtée par la police des mœurs à cause de sa tenue. Elle a pris le risque énorme de filmer cette confrontation pendant qu'elle était dans le fourgon les conduisant au centre de détention. Elle écrit à notre campagne : "Filmer m'était difficile parce qu'ils nous demandaient souvent de leur donner nos téléphones mobiles. Les agentes menaçaient toutes les femmes du fourgon de les garder en détention jusqu'à ce que quelqu'un paye leur caution si elles ne leur remettaient pas leurs papiers et leurs téléphones. Nous appelons toutes les femmes et tous les hommes à filmer la police des mœurs quand ils sont en train d'en incarcérer d'autres. #NoMoreMoralityPolice#SeeYouInIranWithoutHijab#MyStealthyFreedom

Posted by ‎My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران‎ on Thursday, May 11, 2017

A similar scenario unfolds in the second clip, which is shorter than the first. A woman is stopped by a morality police officer and ordered to get into a police van. When she protests and tells the officer not to touch her, the officer tells the woman to “stop screaming.”

“I am not screaming. This is how my voice is. You claim that my attire does not conform to the rules. I am merely trying to tell you that this is not the case. I am volleyball coach,” the woman pleads.

“Get into the van,” the officer orders.

Near the end of the clip, the woman tells the office, “By the way, I don’t even have any makeup on my face. I wonder why I’m being detained.” Watch it in full below.

Morality police forcing a volleyball coach into the van.

ENGLISH FOLLOWS…LE FRANÇAIS SUIT…ویدیوی ارسالی به کمپین آزادی های یواشکی: من این فیلم را زمانی گرفتم که خودم را گشت ارشاد دستگیر کرد و انداخت توی ون ولی دیدم یک زن دیگری را هم می خواستند به زور سوار کنند که مقنعه سرش بود، مربی والیبال را هم که با مقنعه آمدهThis vide has been sent to #MyStealthyFreedom by this note: I was detained first then they were trying to arrest another lady who was saying she is a volleyball coach, so I filmed it secretly.The van that you see belongs to the morality police. This female officer is seen forcing a volleyball coach into the van. You can hear the girl resist, “Do not touch me”. The officer responds, “Stop screaming”.The girl was heard as saying, “I am not screaming. This is how my voice is. You claim that my attire does not conform to the rules. I am merely trying to tell you that this is not the case. I am volleyball Coach.The officer, unfazed, continues, “Get into the van”We call all women and men to vide tape if they see morality police violating women's rightEn français / In French:—–#IRAN #LIBERTE #FURTIVE #FEMININE Cette vidéo a été envoyée à #MyStealthyFreedom avec cette note :J'ai été arrêtée la première, ensuite ils ont essayé d'arrêter une autre dame qui disait être une entraineuse de volleyball alors je l'ai furtivement filmé.Le fourgon qu'on voit est de la police des mœurs. cette contractuelle est vue en train de forcer une entraineuse de volleyball à monter dans le fourgon.On peut entendre la femme résister, “Ne me touchez pas”.La contractuelle répond “arrêtez de hurler”.On entend la femme dire “Je ne hurle pas. Ma voix est comme ça. Vous affirmez que mon accoutrement n'est pas conforme à la loi, j'essaye seulement de vous dire que ce n'est pas le cas, je suis entraineuse de volleyball.La contractuelle, imperturbable, continue, “Montez dans le fourgon”. Nous appelons toutes les femmes et tous les hommes à enregistrer en vidéo dès qu'ils voient la police des mœurs en train de violer les droits des femmes.. #SeeYouInIranWithoutHijab#MyStealthyFreedom

Posted by ‎My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران‎ on Wednesday, May 10, 2017


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