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Model citizen?

A month after Pepsi controversy, Kendall Jenner in hot water again — over magazine cover

May 5, 2017

Just as the backlash against Kendall Jenner for a tone-deaf Pepsi commercial was fading, she finds herself in hot water again — this time for appearing on the cover of Vogue India’s 10th anniversary issue. Many people on social media questioned the magazine’s decision to feature Jenner, a white American model, rather than taking the opportunity to feature an Indian woman. “It says that’s the beauty standard, it says that you can’t be the epitome of beauty if you’re not white,” Sabrina Martinez, a 17-year-old, who was hurt by seeing the image, told CNN. “Even this magazine that’s supposed to be celebrating another culture, another type of beauty is not recognizing even what it’s supposed to be standing for.”


Others saw the cover as a painful reminder of India’s cultural obsession with white (or lighter) skin. Harnid Kaur, a 22-year-old from Mumbai, believed Jenner had been made to look darker on the cover, however. “If you compare it to her past covers, you look at them and she’s definitely (been) bronzed into an Indian face,” she said. “In a country where you’re struggling with colorism and shade discrimination, to see that — it’s very insulting.” Neither Vogue nor Jenner have responded to the controversy.

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