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Making the cut

Trump administration pledges to make ‘no changes’ to Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative

By WITW Staff on May 4, 2017

The White House responded on Monday to reports that the administration intended to scrap Michelle Obama’s signature “Let Girls Learn” program, pledging that there would be “no changes” to the initiative and that the Trump administration remained “committed to empowering women and girls around the world.”

The report stemmed from an email obtained by CNN in which Sheila Crowley, acting director of the Peace Corps, told employees that “Let Girls Learn” would cease to exist as a “brand” or “stand-alone program.”

National First Ladies’ Library historian Carl Sferrazza Anthony had been among analysts to question whether Ivanka Trump or Melania Trump would take a stand on the issue, given that they had “both, in a general way, spoken about the need for gender equity.”

In Michelle Obama’s first public appearance since leaving the White House, the former first lady had expressed excitement about continuing to work with “Let Girls Learn.”

“One issue that I am excited about continuing to work on is … to help young girls get an education around the world. The plight of women and girls is real … The struggles are real,” said Obama.

For now, at least, it appears that “Let Girls Learn” will survive Trump’s cuts. Trump is reportedly still planning to eliminate all funding for the Office of Global Women’s Issues, a State Department Bureau that promotes women’s advancement.

Read the full story at the International Business Times.


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