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In interview with Playboy, Tomi Lahren says feminism is ‘bad’ for America

By WITW Staff on May 3, 2017

Speaking with journalist Art Tavana in an interview for Playboy, the first time she’s spoken out since settling her lawsuit with Glenn Beck, viral political commenter Tomi Lahren issued a sharp rebuke of feminism, arguing that the modern feminist movement was more about “entitlement” than “female empowerment.”

Lahren, a 24-year-old social media star whose passionate monologues on topics such as Black Lives Matter have drawn national attention, was allegedly “banned permanently” from conservative media network The Blaze over pro-choice comments she made during an appearance on The View in March. On May 1, The Blaze founder Glenn Beck settled a lawsuit brought by Lahren against the company in response to the firing, reportedly agreeing to give up his claims to her Facebook page — and its 4.2 million followers — and allow her to pursue other opportunities elsewhere.

Speaking with Tavana, Lahren said she would be happy to work for any network, liberal or conservative, noting that she had been labeled a “blonde bimbo” or “airhead” by conservatives and feminists alike.

“Feminists are actually some of the meanest to me,” she said. “They look at me and say, ‘You can’t be intelligent because you look this way’ … They attribute all my success to my looks, that I fit this image in the ‘Fox News mold.’”

Feminism, Lahren added, was more “bad” than it was good for the country because it was teaching women to feel “entitled.”

“To say that a woman can be simplified into wanting free abortions or free birth control, and by using a false statistic like the 77 cents on the dollar bullshit; to say that that’s what female empowerment is? That’s discrediting and insulting to a woman like myself,” said Lahren. “Saying, ‘Give me, give me, give me’ is not female empowerment … I don’t wake up and think, ‘What can I get for free today because I’m a woman’ or use my gender to further some kind of entitlement for me.”

Lahren, a self-avowed Trump-supporter, also shared her thoughts on a number of other topics — including a recent appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in which she professed that “true diversity is diversity of thought” and that she doesn’t “see color.” She also discussed why she was “so impressed” by a recent high-profile performance by Lady Gaga.

Read the full story at Playboy.


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