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Trump appoints anti-contraception advocate to key position on family planning program

By WITW Staff on May 2, 2017

President Donald Trump has appointed Teresa Manning, a law professor who once opined that “contraception doesn’t work,” to a top position in a federal family planning program.

According to The Huffington Post, Manning will act as the deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which subsidizes contraceptives and other preventative health care.

But Manning, who has served as a lobbyist for the National Right to Life Committee and legislative analyst for the right-leaning Family Research Council, does not support federal funding for contraceptives. In 2003, she told NPR that birth control “doesn’t work” and that “its efficacy is very low.” (She’s wrong; many types of birth control are highly effective at preventing pregnancy).

Manning will join a roster of other Trump appointees who hold disconcerting opinions about women’s reproductive rights, The Guardian reportedThomas Price, who is the head of the HHS, does not believe that health insurance should cover birth control. And last week, Trump named Charmaine Yoest as the department’s assistant secretary of public affairs. According to NBC News, Yoest once served as the president of Americans United for Life, a leading anti-abortion organization. She reportedly lent her support to Trump after he vowed to support a federal 20-week abortion ban, block funding to Planned Parenthood, and appoint Supreme Court justices who would be amenable to overturning Roe v. Wade.


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