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‘Free Melania’

Melania Trump may not have wanted her husband to win the election, sources claim

April 28, 2017

If President Donald Trump is to be believed, first lady Melania Trump had predicted his electoral victory even before he ran, telling her husband, “If you run, you’ll win.” According to sources close to the Trump family, Vanity Fair reports, the enigmatic former model might have preferred if her husband had lost instead.

According to a former Trump campaign aide, when Melania told Donald that she was sure he would win the election, it was in the context of trying to convince him not to run — by this account, Melania was in fact afraid that her husband would win the election. “She never wanted this, and never had any interest,” the source claimed.

Melania’s penchant for privacy has been discussed at length by media, but her absence from the White House — and from her husband’s campaign — have been glaring. During Donald’s nearly 18 months of presidential campaigning leading into the election, Melania gave only two speeches on behalf of her husband’s candidacy. One of those speeches came at the Republican National Convention, where it was later discovered that whole passages of the address had been lifted from a convention speech made by Michelle Obama eight years before.

After the speech, Melania retreated from sight to Trump Tower. It wasn’t until October, when the “grab them by the pussy” tape was released, that Melania would again enter the limelight to defend her husband. At her first public speech since the Republican convention, she said that she intended to fight “cyberbullying” as first lady — a claim derided by critics who argued that her husband was one of the highest-profile cyberbullies on the planet. To date, Melania has done exactly nothing to take on cyberbullying — except, perhaps, in regards to protecting herself. In February, she successfully settled with a blogger and The Daily Mail over unsubstantiated claims that she had been an escort.

Melania’s reluctance to get involved in the public sphere — along with a number of instances that showed her looking seemingly miserable during appearances with her husband — has led some observers to question whether or not she feels entrapped by her husband and his new political life. Others have pointed to the numerous charges of sexual assault leveled against her husband, as well as his own seemingly-damning admissions while on the air with Howard Stern over the years — including instances in which he called daughter Ivanka a “piece of ass,” claimed that he’d love Melania so long as her breasts were intact, and bragged about going backstage while beauty pageant contestants were getting dressed. According to interviews with former Miss Teen USA contestants, Trump walked in on four women at the 1997 pageant — including one girl who was only 15 years old.

While Melania has joined her husband in denouncing such claims as lies, a source close to the Trumps said that Melania understood perfectly well the kind of man she had married. According to her old friend Lisa Bytner, Melania’s approach has been to “live and let live.”

At the Women’s March, some protesters nonetheless expressed sympathy for the first lady, going so far as to carry signs that read, “Free Melania.” One fashion fixture who had known the Trumps for decades even admitted to a fantasy in which the first lady dramatically divorced President Trump.

“My dream is that Michelle Obama will convince her to leave him, and she’ll become this great feminist icon,” the source said. “She will walk into the middle of everything and say, ‘He’s crazy. This is nuts. I don’t know what I was doing!’”

Read the full story at Vanity Fair.


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