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Hijab challenge

Muslim mom asks fellow mothers to wear hijab in public and experience Islamophobia for themselves

By WITW Staff on April 27, 2017

A Muslim mom from Brighton, England, is asking her fellow mothers to walk “half a mile” in her shoes by wearing the hijab for 15 minutes and experiencing for themselves how people react to the garment.

In a video posted by Channel Mum, a YouTube community for mothers, Nilufa Dahlia recalled facing verbal abuse at a supermarket after her fellow Brits took offense to her headscarf.

“Come on guys, it’s literally just a piece of cloth on my head,” said Dahlia. “See past a scarf, see the person.”

The notion that every woman who wears the hijab is being forced to, she added, is false. In her case, she said, she chooses to wear the hijab both to express her faith and “to allow people to acknowledge my personality over my looks.”

By wearing the hijab in public for a small portion of their day, Dahlia said that other women could experience for themselves what it felt like to be “pointed at, whispered about, or even abused” just for wearing a head garment.

“Simply tie a scarf or a shawl, anything, and go out,” Dahlia said. “I won’t ask you to walk a mile in my shoes, but half a mile? That’ll do.”

Watch the video below.

Read the full story at Mashable.


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