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Sherman Ip (Facebook)

Summary judgment

Oxford University student who sent ‘sorry for raping you’ text walks free

By WITW Staff on April 26, 2017

Sherman Ip, a 25-year-old doctoral student at Oxford University who was accused of raping a woman, will not face any punishment after a second jury failed to reach a verdict in his case. According to the victim, Ip forced her on his bed and raped her in May 2013, before she was able to free herself and flee his apartment in tears. She later sent him a private Facebook message, saying the encounter was “semi-rape,” and pressed charges against him in 2014, after receiving a text from him saying, “I am so sorry for emotionally abusing you and manipulating you to do things you didn’t want to do … I am really sorry for raping you.” Nevertheless, Ip told jurors the sex was consensual and said “everything was normal” when they had another sexual encounter the next day at her parents house. He also claimed he sent the text message because he wanted to “get her back” and would do anything to achieve that.  In two separate trials, jurors failed to reach a verdict and convict Ip of rape. Prosecutors will decide whether Ip will face a third trial within a week, but experts say that is unlikely to happen.

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