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Hair product brand slammed for racially insensitive commercial

April 25, 2017

Shea Moisture, a hair products company that is strongly linked with the black community, has pulled a spot after many on social media criticized it for its tone deafness. The ad begins with a black woman talking about her difficulties in dealing with natural hair. Then, two white women start complaining about dealing with their hair. After a backlash on social media from many who felt the juxtaposition of these women was insensitive, the company apologized and decided to pull the ad.

“We really f-ed this one up,” Shea Moisture said in a Facebook post. “Please know that our intention was not — and would never be — to disrespect our community, and as such, we are pulling this piece immediately because it does not represent what we intended to communicate.” Speaking to CNN Money, the company’s CEO and founder Richelieu Dennis said his company would keep focusing its products on women of color. “Our job is to make sure that they understand that we’re still here for them,” Dennis told CNN, adding that black women still have the “least amount of products in the marketplace” available to them.

Read the full story at CNN.


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