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Louise Rosealma (Facebook)

‘Petty & pathetic’

Anti-fascist protester targeted by trolls after video shows her being sucker-punched at pro-Trump rally

April 19, 2017

Anti-fascist protester Louise Rosealma has spoken out in the wake of a now viral video that showed her being sucker-punched by a white supremacist during a pro-Trump rally in downtown Berkeley over the weekend. Rosealma said that the assault by Nathan Damigo, the founder of white supremacist group Identity Evropa who claims to be a former U.S. Marine, was unprovoked and that she was also “punched twice more by two other people.”

“People kept trying to throw me down to hit my heads on the rock that were in the planter,” Rosealma recalled. “I was just trying to not get my skull cracked open.”

At least 21 people were arrested during clashes at a pro-Trump “Patriots Day” rally — organized in response to the hundreds of “Tax Marches” being held nationwide in protest of Trump’s continued refusal to release his tax returns — as hundreds of protesters and counter-protesters threw stones, lit fires, tossed explosives and tear gas, and brawled in the street with makeshift weapons. A representative for the Berkeley Police said that the department had deployed “most” of its entire police force to the scene, but that still wasn’t enough officers to contain protests of such a large scale.

“It’s challenging,” said Berkeley Mayor Jessie Arreguin. “They had helmets. They had shields, they had weapons and this is something we really haven’t seen before.”

Rosealma, for her part, said that she, her boyfriend, and other members of the Antifa anti-fascist group had traveled to Berkeley from Southern California to take part in the counter demonstration. Shortly after they arrived at the scene, however, she said a smoke bomb went off and they were attacked by white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

“I remember turning around and from the corner of my eye I saw this fist coming at me,” she said. “I put my arms up to try and push him away as much as I could. He just threw himself into me.” By the time she got up, she said, her attacker had fled the scene.

In the wake of the incident, she said that alt-right trolls had begun harassing her “non-stop” on social media as footage of the scene went viral.

“They are trying to make me into this trophy — the victory of the alt right and neo-Nazis,” she told CBS News. “It’s petty and pathetic.”

Watch the video of the attack below.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.


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