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New mother takes on postpartum body shamers after unpleasant experience at Target

April 17, 2017

Kelly Diane Howland was shopping at Target with her new baby in tow when, she wrote in a post on Facebook, she was approached by a woman who tried to pitch her a weight-loss product.

“Listen. I’m not upset this company exists. And I’m not even upset at this woman because she could be absolutely charming and just trying to hustle her own living and I have respect for a woman with guts to do that,” wrote the new mother in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

“But let’s not pretend that approaching me specifically was a coincidence,” she continued. “We all know that this culture hammers into postpartum women a lot of physical insecurity about their bodies after delivering their miracles from their wombs. I don’t think I have to spell out for a single woman the cultural pressure that postpartum mothers face regarding their physical appearance. We know. We all know. She knew. And that’s why she approached me.”

I have folded back the contact info of the woman who gave this to me because I'm not about to put another woman on blast…

Posted by Kelly Gadd on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The pressure put on new mothers to immediately shed their baby weight, Howland wrote, is unrealistic and unhealthy. Rather than perpetuate these “superficial ideals,” she suggested, why not “start bucking the system and instead start praising each other for being the amazing, life giving, creation birthing vessels that we are?”

“THAT,” she concluded, “is beauty.”

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