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Condoms (Photo by Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images)

Oh, baby

New dad recommends frozen condoms to help ease post-birth pain

April 17, 2017

One enterprising father has discovered the secret to a better, post-birth experience: frozen condoms. Before your mind finds its way to the gutter, these popsicle prophylactics are finding new purpose with parents and, according to midwives, they’re nothing short of a latex miracle.

Martin Wanless, an avid daddy-blogger, has added condoms to his list of must have purchases for the 21st century dad to be. While they’re out picking up pickles and ice cream at two in the morning, Wanless says men should stock up on condoms as well. With modern medicine the way it is, mothers who choose to give birth vaginally in a hospital setting often stay on average only two-days after delivery — barring any unforeseen complications — before heading home with their bundle of joy. When his wife returned home after giving birth to their son, Wanless realized that his wife’s recovery was going to be no easy challenge.

While he realizes that condoms might give his readers the wrong idea, Wanless was more than candid about how they should be used. “Trust me, after a few days at home with a screaming ankle biter, and having recently witnessed your partner’s vagina being turned inside out and a little person pushed out of it, neither of you will be wanting or even thinking about risking anything down there for at least a matter of week.”

The mental picture isn’t a pretty one but neither is the reality. But as Wanless goes on to explain, condoms are one of the best and cheapest cures for a woman’s discomfort, “filled with water and frozen, they’re the perfect shape to rest in between new mum’s legs and ease a bit of pain and swelling.”

Long story short: Whether parenthood is or isn’t for you, condoms have got you covered.

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