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Good idea

Nevada bill proposal guarantees free access to birth control

By WITW Staff on April 14, 2017

In the Nevada State Assembly, a bill has been proposed that would provide access to contraception without any co-pay to all women living in the state. Moreover, the bill would provide women access to 12 months of anticonceptive medication if appropriate, which would be a boon to people in more rural areas for whom it can be hard to get to a pharmacy. “For many of my patients, living paycheck-to-paycheck, even a small co-pay can be a barrier to access. And without contraception, they face unintended pregnancies they can ill afford,” Toby Frescholtz, a Nevada ob-gyn writes in an opinion piece supporting the legislation. “I have witnessed how accessible contraception can make the difference between a young woman finishing her studies and getting a good paying job, or falling into a never-ending cycle of poverty. The costs of unplanned pregnancies are not just limited to the families who experience them, but are shared by our community as a whole.”

Read the full story at Reno Gazette-Journal.


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