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Tomi Lahren says ‘you can be anti-abortion and pro-choice,’ sues Glenn Beck

By WITW Staff on April 13, 2017

Controversial viral media star Tomi Lahren says she’s suing conservative news outlet The Blaze and its founder Glenn Beck for wrongful termination in the wake of comments she made suggesting that it was hypocritical to believe that the scope of a small limited government should extend into a woman’s womb.

“I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies,” said Lahren in an appearance on The View last month. “Stay out of my guns and you can stay out of my body, as well.”

Appearing on ABC’s Nightline, the outspoken 24-year-old defended her prior comments, adding that it was possible to be anti-abortion without believing that the government has the right to legislate women’s bodies.

“I believe you can be anti-abortion and pro-choice … I don’t believe in abortion,” she said.

Lahren grew emotional while explaining that Beck had chosen to “suspend” her from work as retaliation for her pro-choice comments. According to the lawsuit filed in Dallas County, Texas, on Friday, The Blaze had shut down Lahren’s email, ceased any communication with her, and cordoned off her dressing room with yellow caution tape. She further claimed that the outlet had prevented her from using her social media accounts — where she has more than 4.2 million followers on Facebook alone — and that Beck had led a smear campaign with the intent of defaming her.

Before her appearance on The View, Lahren said, both Beck and The Blaze had already known about her pro-choice stance. By choosing to suspend her rather than fire her, she claimed, they had attempted to “sanitize their unlawful conduct” while simultaneously punishing her by preventing her from getting another job.

“It’s my job, it’s my life. Without that, I feel lost. When your outlet is taken away from you, when your catharsis is stripped from you, and you don’t understand why and you’re so disappointed and you’re so blindsided by it, it hurts,” said Lahren.

In tears, she added that all she wanted was for Beck to finally allow her to “move on.”

Watch the interview below.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.


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