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Iasia Sweeting, Poet, Activist and Survivor performs at The 2017 Women In The World Summit in New York City.

'I stay ALIVE'

WATCH: Cult survivor Iasia Sweeting performs her powerful poem ‘Discovery’

By WITW Staff on April 6, 2017

She was kidnapped by a cult leader, held captive for four years and almost starved to death. Poetry was the key to her survival.


I set out on a journey of discovery
with internal questions requesting myself in his MISS-story
Misrepresented as HIS-STORY
Which is nothing more than a THEORY
Mismatched allegory of my already existing GLORY
What you call a MYSTERY
You call it Mythology but I call it My On- tology
With all seeing eyes, I analyze beyond the guise
Once forced into submission
Caught under the weight of his well disguised lies
When you love all else, more than your own SELF
Should you really be surprised…
When the goddess in you DIES?

Given his lesser knowledge, put you under his control
Your addiction to his sickness system gives him permission
To torture and to steal your SOUL

This is the destruction that was done to you

Taught to accept falsehoods and foolishness

Purposely put in front of you
Wait passively, and pray for Him to come to you?

You won’t stumble upon peace nor paradise
With a pair of DICE nothing happens by chance
So will you choose to watch the multi-verse move or will you GET UP
And Join Her Dance!

Study the circumference of your inner circle
This is the condition of your circumstance

Remember, you are the radius
You are the NUCLEUS
You are the most pivotal point

This is when the air becomes thick enough
For you to have to beat it around with a broom
Self confrontation and Self preservation
Is enough to raise the temperature of an entire room

This is not a leap of faith
Nor is it a test of life
Elevate your MInd
You were once connected to the Divine
Then Mortalized by Man’s KInd
You were made human
The opposite of your design
Now deaf and blind by choice
Singing your ghost spells with a passive voice

I am a WOMAN
Who TAKES responsibility
Unbound, UNbound, UNBOUND
By spells of inability
Im on an inward upward climb
while others are struggling, scraping, hustling and on the grind
I stay ALIVE
I dont Settle
I satisfy

Im undefined by the dollar sign
Intelectually intertwined
with my mental gold mine
and every choice I make has its own meaning
Using my third eye to optimize a thorough screening
The science of nature is the science of my IN-HER-BEING

Based on confirmations of my own creations
All I speak, is your affirmation
Im sensing his irritation and aggravation
Why so argumentative?
Is it a crime to be inquisitive?

I would like to Conversate to elevate
He is an imposter who likes to postulate
Pose as though he knows what poetry and prose
I’ve composed, cannot be boxed in his paradox
of hipocrisy, so called democracy
Thugged out theocracy

i am fully aware
that the soul is the SELF
and the self is the soul
My self scribed the scribed the script of your ancient scrolls!

Additional reporting by Kristyn Martin.


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