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(Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

New home, same problem

After scandal, Marines move nude photo-sharing from Facebook to Snapchat

April 4, 2017

Last month, news broke that the Department of Defense was investigating hundreds of Marines for sharing photos of nude female service members and veterans on a private Facebook page. A Senate hearing was held on the issue, and Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller faced difficult questions about his plans for holding the perpetrators accountable.

But the public fervor over the Marines’ behavior does not seem to have tampered soldiers’ willingness to spread humiliating pictures online. According to Vocativ, some members of the Marines have simply moved their group to a different social media platform: Snapchat.

Marine veteran John Albert reportedly sent Vocativ 100 screenshots from a recently-created Snapchat account. The account is titled “wooknationx4”; wookie is a derogatory term for a female Marine. The administrator of the account claims to be a 23-year-old on active duty in the Marine Corps.

Within the group, members share jokes, relatively benign photos — and photos of naked women. One of the screenshots sent to Vocativ features a complaint about Snapchat shutting the group down, suggesting that the company is aware of its existence.

Read the full story at Vocativ.


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