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"Autocorrect" (It's On Us) - YouTube


Biden shares new PSA on Twitter to spark conversation on rape culture

By WITW Staff on March 30, 2017

Former Vice President Joe Biden took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the latest and perhaps most haunting PSA from It’s On Us, a campaign he launched in 2014 to help educate the public about sexual assault and rape, encourage survivors and witnesses to come forward, and to start a general dialogue with the public about the issue. Post-White House, Biden has remained involved in its efforts to end rape culture and expose the depths to which society has become desensitized to the effects of sexual assault.

The short video titled “Autocorrect” portrays a series of scrolling text messages between what are obviously two young men recounting one’s attempt to hook up with a drunk woman at a party. Silent except for the clicking sounds of the phone’s keyboard, the conversation illustrated between the two men begins with a seemingly innocent message, “Remember that drunk chick I was talking to at the party?”

The texts scroll by and autocorrect begins translating the buzz words in each message bubble and changing phrases like “talking to” to “targeting”, “encourage” to “force” and “good time” to “rape.” One can’t help but he disturbed with the realism of the exchange.

The messages concluded, the voiceover sounds above the image, “Don’t ignore the subtext. It’s on us to intervene in sexual assault.” While the PSA is revealing enough, Biden went one step further in his tweet, driving the point home with a message in his own words: “The correct word for sex without consent is rape. Period.”

Watch the full PSA here:

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