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A sticker which reads 'sexist' is seen on an ad by French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent displayed on a newspaper kiosk in Paris, France, March 6, 2017.(REUTERS/Charles Platiau)


Paris outlaws ‘sexist and discriminatory ads’ from appearing in outdoor public places

By WITW Staff on March 29, 2017

Later this year, advertisements deemed “sexist and discriminatory” will be officially banned from appearing in outdoor public spaces in France’s capital. The city council voted Tuesday to approve a new contract with JCDecaux, an ad distributor, that provides the company will not disseminate ads that contain any of the following types of imagery: Sexist stereotypes; Homophobic images; Any degrading, dehumanizing, or offensive representations of women and men; Ethnic discrimination; Discrimination of nationalities; Religious discrimination; Ageist images; and Images that adversely affect human dignity. The new ban goes into effect on November 20, and was lauded by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who said in a statement, translated by Business Insider, “After London and Geneva, which already put in place similar measures, Paris is showing the way by taking all possible actions to prevent the distribution and promotion of images degrading to certain categories of citizens.”

The issue of sexist and exploitative imagery in advertising has been gaining increased attention in recent years. Next week the topic will take center stage during the 8th Annual Women in the World New York Summit.

In a panel moderated by Katie Couric and titled ‘Flipping the Script’, former advertising executive Madonna Badger will discuss how the ceaseless objectification of women in advertising has become passé. Badger, who is now leading a campaign against sexism in marketing, and other cultural leaders, including Queen Latifah, will share startling facts and effective approaches to ending gender bias and exploitation in advertising which, statistics show, is actually bad for business. Click here to see the full agenda for the event.

Read the full story at Business Insider.


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