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Weird behavior

Val Kilmer issues litany of tweets about Cate Blanchett, raising some eyebrows

March 28, 2017

Val Kilmer, the actor famous for his portrayal of the smooth-flying fighter pilot nicknamed Iceman in Top Gun decades ago, has raised the eyebrows of social media users with a series of tweets in which he expresses an apparent infatuation with Cate Blanchett, an actress he’s worked with in the past. Kilmer simply can’t contain his fondness for Blanchett, who has been married to playwright Andrew Upton for nearly 20 years. His tweets have been a mix of genuine praise, personal affection and borderline, well, creepiness directed toward the two-time Oscar-winner. Below, behold a selection of all three types.

Genuine praise:

Personal affection:

Borderline creepy:

One Twitter user even called Kilmer out saying, accusing the actor of being “being super creepy and obsessive.” For his part, Kilmer defended his weird Twitter ode to Blanchett, responding, “nothing in the least creepy about loving someone. What kind of world do you come from?”

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