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Undocumented immigrant sisters, 19 and 17, say U.S. border agent sexually assaulted them

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The ACLU filed claims Wednesday on behalf of two undocumented immigrant sisters, ages 17 and 19, who said they were sexually assaulted and falsely imprisoned by a U.S. border agent. The two Guatemalan sisters, BuzzFeed reports, fled violence in their home country and had hoped to reunite with their mother in the U.S.

Speaking with reporters, Clarita, 19, said that she and her sister were put in a holding cell after they presented themselves to CBP agents near the Texas border. Shortly afterwards, she said, a CBP officer forced her into a closet, undid her bra, and felt her breast before ordering her to take off her underwear.

“I once again asked him why and he said it was for security and because it was his job,” she said. “Then I took off my underwear and I remained there naked and then he began to touch my intimate parts. Then he told me to get dressed and leave the room.”

After Clarita was returned to the holding cell, the officer then took her sister into the closet as well. According to the claim filed by the ACLU, the officer groped the 17-year-old’s breasts, touched her vagina, and forced her to bend over while he ran his hands along her waist.

“I never thought he would do the same to my sister,” said Clarita, breaking down. “I thought he had done it to me because I was an adult and that he wouldn’t do it to my sister because she was a child.”

According to a 2015 federal report, corruption charges among U.S. border patrol agents are so prevalent that it would take hundreds of internal investigators to adequately pursue claims. Douglas T. Mosier, a CBP spokesman, said in a statement that the agency couldn’t comment on pending litigation.

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.


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