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'Not cool'

‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah points out conservative hypocrisy while defending suspended pundit Tomi Lahren

By WITW Staff on March 22, 2017

On Tuesday evening’s episode of the The Daily Show, Trevor Noah weighed in on the bitter controversy roiling conservatives over the last few days: The suspension of Blaze host and conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren after she declared herself “pro-choice” during an appearance on The View last week. Following her remarks, Lahren faced an avalanche of criticism — even from her own boss, Glenn Beck, who issued a lecture to her both on Twitter and his radio show. He then suspended Lahren for at least a week from her nightly show.

Noah began by showing his audience a clip of her remarks on The View and then joking about at the speed with which Lahren speaks. “She’s like Busta Rhymes reincarnated,” Noah quipped.

But then he got serious for a moment and made a really good point about conservative hypocrisy.

“Jokes aside, this is not cool,” Noah said. “If you’re a conservative network that preaches day in and day out, ‘You politically correct snowflakes get offended too easily when anyone says something you disagree with,’ and then Tomi comes out and speaks her truth, says that she’s pro-choice, and then suddenly her bosses go, ‘Oh, well you like choices? How about you choose a new job,’ that’s not cool,” Noah said.

“I was offended by the hypocrisy,” he went on. “I was so offended that I wanted to protest it. Unfortunately, there’s no type of black people protest that Tomi is comfortable with, so I guess we should just move on — because you know what they say: When God fires one white woman, he employs another.”

Noah and Lahren have a brief history. In December, the two went head-to-head in a heated discussion about Trump’s unexpected electoral victory, race relations and other explosive issues. Video of the segment went viral. Following the televised clash, the two defended each other on Twitter when their respective fans lashed out over the contentious discussion. On The View, Whoopi Goldberg also came to Lahren’s defense, asking conservatives, “Do you have to be on the same side on every single issue of your political party? Aren’t you allowed to evolve and grow?”

Watch Noah’s latest defense of Lahren below — it begins at the 3:15 mark.

Read the full story at The Daily Beast.


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