Soccer player who had the mother of his son murdered and fed to dogs is out of prison and signed with a new team

Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes during a game in 2008. (REUTERS/Henry Romero)

A scandal has erupted in Brazil as Bruno Fernandez, a famous and popular goalkeeper who was convicted for ordering a group of his friends to murder Eliza Samudio, his former girlfriend and the mother of his son, has been released from prison and picked up by a professional soccer team. According to prosecutors, Fernandes, angry that Samudio sought custody of their son, enlisted his friends to carry out the grisly crime. The men cut her up and fed her to hungry dogs. Fernandes was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 22 years in prison, but freed on appeal last week after serving just seven years in prison.

One soccer club, Boa Esporte, which plays in the country’s Serie B (second division) thought it wise to sign the player, sparking outrage in a country that has been plagued by high rates of femicide. Adding to the controversy is the fact that Bruno seems to show little remorse for his actions, offering no apologies or words for Samudio’s family. During a press conference on Tuesday, he answered no questions about the case but only talked about how God was looking after him. Nevertheless, the outrage seems to be working: several of the club’s sponsors have already severed ties over news of the signing, while pressure is building on Varghina, the club’s biggest benefactor, to withdraw its funding, which could potentially leave the club financially strapped.

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