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How would a woman have handled her child interrupting an interview on live TV? A lot differently, video imagines


By now you’ve seen the hilarious video of a BBC news analyst being interrupted by his young children during a live interview last week. In fact, you probably watched it numerous times. The original clip has more than 20 million views on YouTube alone. Perhaps you even wondered, “Hmmmm … what if it had been a mother who was being interviewed at the moment her toddler walked in? How would that have played out?”

Well, the fine folks at the Jono and Ben comedy show in New Zealand have done just that — and the outcome, with the professor depicted by Kate Wordsworth, is quite different than the sort of hilarity that Professor Robert Kelly and his charming family brought the world last week. Watch below. It’s definitely worth it. Hint: It involves lots of multitasking. Enjoy!

Read the full story at Us magazine.


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