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Daniel Craig (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

Shaking things up

PSA with James Bond in drag makes a real statement about gender equality

By WITW Staff on March 13, 2017

Actor Daniel Craig, better known as James Bond, ditched his usual dapper attire for full drag in a British PSA for gender equality. Lending its front man to the forefront of women’s equality, the multi-billion-dollar spy thriller franchise, famous for its misogynistic portrayals of women now spanning five decades and 24 films, serves as a genuine statement on equality.

Set against a stark background, the PSA is voiced over by Dame Judi Dench, famous for her role as “M”, the head of MI6 in the James Bond series, whom she portrayed seven times over a 20-year period. “We’re equals … aren’t we 007?” Dench prompts in her disembodied voice. Pleasantries out of the way, she then proceeds to lay out the statistics explaining how woefully unequal the two genders really are — from the disparity in pay to domestic violence. Craig, silent and brooding, slowly exits and re-emerges on screen dressed in full female regalia looking more and more uncomfortable in his role as the minutes tick by and Dench continues listing the inequities.

Originally aired in 2011, the short film directed by English filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood (Nowhere Boy) and written by Jane Goldman, was re-released on International Women’s Day this year and has garnered renewed attention. Unique for being the first time the icon spy was directed on film by a woman, the PSA has struck a chord with a new audience. Even though it’s now seven years old, its relevancy today is haunting. Despite best efforts, little seems to have changed. Watch the full video below.

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