Women in Iran post empowering videos on social media of themselves not wearing veils on International Women’s Day

(My Stealthy Freedom/Facebook)

My Stealthy Freedom, the popular Facebook page run by Masih Alinejad that hosts pictures sent from women in Iran “who want to share their stealthily taken photos without the veil,” has posted a video compiling footage sent in by Iranian women who removed their hijabs in public to honor International Women’s Day.

On March 8, 1979, an estimated 100,000 Iranian women took to the streets of Tehran to protest the enactment of the compulsory hijab. In a video posted to Facebook, Alinejad noted that for this year’s International Women’s Day in Iran, “women are banned from marching in the streets.”

Unable to march, women instead took to Twitter to share posts under the hashtag, #NoForcedHijab. Other women took things still further, sharing images and even video of themselves sans a veil in public.

“Many years ago, women protested against compulsory hijab by rallying in the streets,” said one unveiled woman in a video. “But from that day until today, they are being told that compulsory hijab is not a priority. But to us, it is. The right to choose what we wear is a priority. I choose what is a priority for me.”

A number of men recorded video to send in to the group as well.

“I do not like to force my mother, my sister, or any Iranian women to wear hijab because the sick people who only form about 20 percent of Iranian are now ruling the country,” explained one man.

“What is a priority if my sister or myself cannot choose what to wear?” asked another. “A day will come that even in Iran, women will be able to choose whatever they like to wear. No to compulsory hijab.”

In an email, Alinejad told Women in the World, “I received more than 20 films and more than 50 photos which shows men and women protesting against forced hijab in public.”

Watch her full video below.



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