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Trump tweets support for International Women’s Day … gets reminders online that he doesn’t ‘respect’ women

March 8, 2017

There he goes again, that self-proclaimed feminist icon and champion of women’s rights, taking to Twitter to remind the world of his appreciation for the vital role women play both here in America and all around the world. Thanks, Justin Trudeau! Oh … wait…

Deploying his preferred means of presidential messaging, Donald Trump on Wednesday morning tweeted a virtual nod to International Women’s Day, reminding the world of the utmost “respect” and reverence he holds for his female counterparts.

Yes that is the same Donald Trump who boasted of being able to grab women “by the pussy” during the now infamous bus ride with former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush. The same man against whom a series of allegations of sexual harassment and assault emerged during the presidential race. And yes, that same man who only this week demonstrated just how committed he is to women’s rights by releasing a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act which will defund America’s primary women’s healthcare provider, Planned Parenthood. So committed in fact that he even offered the organization an unofficial deal — it could keep federal funding, which finances services including cancer tests and birth control, if it agreed to stop offering abortions.

Forget, “tremendous respect,” President Trump. Perhaps you should be nominated for a feminist of the year award. (Obviously not.)

Unsurprisingly, many were unimpressed and called Trump out on the latent hypocrisy of his Women’s Day tribute. While some made reference to the lewd comments he made about women during the presidential race, others drew on his recent immigration order and the spate of deportations that have ripped families apart as a result, questioning how separating mothers and children across the Mexican border “honors” women.

Happy International Women’s day y’all!

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