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Legally female

Transgender gubernatorial candidate speaks up on behalf of Trump bathroom ban

By WITW Staff on March 8, 2017

Jacey Wyatt, a transgender woman who was born intersex before undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2003, officially registered her candidacy for governor of Connecticut as a Democrat on Friday. Wyatt, who was named John Christian Pascarella at birth, had previously run for local offices in Branford as a Republican and third-party candidate.

The announcement of Wyatt’s candidacy came barely two weeks after current Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy responded to Donald Trump’s executive order reversing Obama-era federal protections for transgender individuals by issuing an executive order of his own to ensure that transgender individuals continued to be allowed to use restrooms conforming with their identity in the state’s public schools and institutes of higher education.

Wyatt, 45, said that while she had been born with “both sexes,” she had always identified as a woman.

“I grew up with Barbies,” said Wyatt. “I didn’t go the bathroom at school. I went home.”

Despite her own apparent hardships regarding public bathroom use as a child, Wyatt said she disagreed with Malloy on whether or not Trump’s executive order was discriminatory — even if North Carolina had already passed a bill prohibiting municipalities from enacting LGBQT protections and requiring that bathrooms at public schools, colleges, and government agencies be used only by those whose choice of bathroom corresponded with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

“Don’t worry, me and Trump will be fine together,” she said. “Because I’m transgender, I’m not allowed to support Trump? They need to focus on this state. They’re not the president. They’re not running North Carolina. There’s different moral issues in the South.”

Wyatt added that she has no problem using the bathroom anyway, since she had legally become a woman after undergoing gender reassignment surgery at the University of Connecticut.

“I’m a legal female,” she said. “I will never, ever, ever have a situation that I can’t go to the bathroom in North Carolina. (But) there’s somebody that maybe can’t afford what I had done.”

Read the full story at The Connecticut Post.


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